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Sick Of Paying Web Developer Fees? Tired Of Waiting For Updates To Be Made?

WE EMPOWER YOU!  No more emails and phone calls back and forth with your developer, no more waiting.  Waiting for a developer to make changes to your website is a waste of your time, and your time is valuable, we give you the tools to instantaneously make updates yourself!

Our software makes it easy for you to update your own website without the need to pay a web designer each time.  This alone can save you thousands in developer fees and also allow you to take charge of your website and be proactive in getting customers and turning them to leads.

We would love to speak with you about reviewing your current website, user experience, and how we can develop a new website for you, or any website needs!

Cross Platform, Responsive Websites

We develop a responsive website with an updated look that will look great acrtoss all platforms. No matter if your client is looking on a tablet, desktop or mobile phone your website will look great and be

Does Your Website Sell For you?

A website is the most important salesperson of your business, it works 24/7.  While you are sleeping it is still working hard, selling and providing valuable information to potential clients. You want to make sure that your website is designed so that you have great calls to action and that you can capture new leads and clients. BMF is exceptionally good at creating a website that is designed to be your best salesperson!

Most company websites are out of date, is yours?

Treat your website like your best salesperson and make sure it looks the part! You want it to look as professional as possible, and give the best information. You don’t want your website to look like your company is stale and old, you want to look fresh and current. It will give your customers more confidence in doing business with you.

We review competitors websites across your industry and make sure to develop a strong brand image that is sure to catapult your company above the rest.

Are you secure with your current methods of SEO?

BMF Promotions can design a website and help you maximize your SEO to get the best results and help ensure that you are relevant on the search engines.

93% Percent of business purchase decisions start with a search on an online search engine.
80% Percent of people search for a business online.


We can provide you with a WordPress Website that can achieve everything above, it will give you the power to control your own website!
Here is what is included…

  • Training on WordPress
  • Installation to server of your choosing
  • Developing a website to fit your needs, acheive your goals and is consistent with your brand
  • Administrative Dashboard that is intuative and easy to navigate
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO
  • Mobile optimization
  • Call To Action strategy
  • Spam Filter
  • Social Media Links
  • Blog if desired

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