Proximity Marketing

If You Ain’t First, You’re Last – Our Vision

Back in 2013, with purpose of being an industry pioneer, we began experimenting and researching with a new but effectively measurable marketing channel/technology to reach customers… proximity marketing.  We continue to research and develop ways to creatively mesh this technology and other new technologies with traditional promotional products.

While most in our industry colleagues think NFC stands for “National Football Champions” we see the value and potential of this new form of promotion and are breaking boundaries, creating, innovating and pushing the limits of “Near Field Communication” technology and other forms or proximity marketing in the use of our campaigns.

With mobile phone usage increasing and the ability to directly contact your customer in a meaningful way that is able to measure ROI, proximity marketing offers a multitude of benefits that will allow you to grow.

Coming Soon, BMF is excited to announce our own wearable brand NFC product!

In September, we hope to announce the culmination of our tireless research and development of a special new wearable product!

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What Is Proximity Marketing?

It is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so.

What Can Proximity Do For Me?

It can be an opportunity to capture vital information from potential or current customers.We focus on the use of Proximity in promotional channels, we allow Proximity Marketing to solve your marketing obstacles or achieve your marketing goals. The implications are endless and the data mining that can occur are priceless to your marketing efforts. Proximity can be very effective when used in-store, at events, on signange or direct mail, in promotional products, at Tradeshows, or as part of a promotion prior to a tradeshow.

For example, if your marketing goal is to get more traffic to your booth, then we can send out a promotional product with an NFC chip inside and tell customers to bring it to your booth to win a prize.  At your booth you can tap the promotional item and see if they are a winner.  The marketing ROI of the campaign can be measured by how many scans occur, new leads and if you choose you can follow those candidates to deturmine and measure future purchases that are made.  If you would like to be more detailed and collect user info we can do that too, there are endless possibilities!

Types of Proximity Marketing…

Proximity Options

These are just a few of the options and ways that proximity marketing maybe incorporated with your campaign.



With an NFC enabled device, the user may wirelessly connect to a chip located in a product or media.  Many payment providers use NFC technology, like Apple Pay.  It is very useful for promotions, it’s not pushed to the users device, it allows the user to essentially opt-in to receive your messages by tapping or coming into close proximity of the embedded NFC chip.  There’s a ton of marketing opportunity with NFC technology.



Through the use of beacons or iBeacons Retail locations can connect to your wireless device. Typically there’s a mobile application that enables the technology and permission is requested. You can push content through Bluetooth, serve local websites from WiFi, utilize the beacon as an Internet access point, act as Captive portal, offer interactive services, and operate with no Internet connection.



Through the use of your router, Wi-Fi can be utilized to reach out to your customers.  If you’ve ever logged into an airline connection or a Starbuck’s, you’ve witnessed dynamic marketing content that’s pushed directly to the user via web browser.

Ways I can Use Proximity In My Campaign

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If we were to describe all the uses it would be information overload! There are so many different ways we can integrate Proximity into your campaign and so much information, that it is best to contact us so that we may help find the best options for you.

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This is a great graphic by Choice Loans describing Proximity Marketing.