How We Can Help You

BMF Promotions, Inc. provides the most unique and innovative promotional and marketing concepts to help your business gain the competitive edge. We are a service oriented, factory direct supplier, experienced in working with various industries and company sizes from small business to Fortune 500 companies. Our service, timeliness, experience and creativity are what set us apart.

Benefits of BMF Promotions

FACTORY DIRECT (Import and Domestic)
We are experienced importers that have established excellent relationships with numerous factories overseas. We provide you a direct link to a vast network of imported and domestic, factory-direct products that best fit your promotional needs.

In conjunction with our graphics team, our qualified and experienced marketing team will develop and build your company image through breakthrough and effective marketing ideas geared towards furthering the marketing awareness of your brand. Likewise, ensure that your print material, website and promotions will be most effective and hit the intended target market.

Our in-house, fully capable, graphics department can provide digital renderings so you can get a better idea of the finished product prior to production.

Our timeliness and care to provide you the best possible customer service assures that you are taken care of. And our past history of successful promotional and marketing ideas establishes that we are the proper choice for you.

With our Promotional Products, Marketing, Importing, Design and Graphics team all being in house, this allows full communication between all facets of idea inception to ensure precise effectiveness of your promotion, website or marketing concept.

We Can Help You With…

– Developing Traffic at Tradeshows
– POP Displays
– Branded Merchandise
– Product Launches
– Establish New Accounts
– Print Materials
– Tradeshow Apparel
– Your ecommerce website
– Safety Programs
– Web Store Items
– Introduce new products
– Upcoming Marketing Campaigns
– And the many ways that we can develop campaigns that will give you a positive return on your investment.